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Galesville Memorial Hall
The West River Improvement Association

welcomes you to Galesville, Maryland

The West River Improvement Association (WRIA) is dedicated to the principle that, by working together, residents of Galesville and the surrounding area can protect and improve the quality of life in the community, including the West River watershed.

If you would like to join us and become a member of the West River Improvement Association and to help support our mission, please click here for a membership form, fill it out and mail it to the address below.

West River Improvement Association
952 Galesville Road
PO Box 104
Galesville, MD 20765

e-mail: Cyrena Simons,WRIA  President

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Heather Ersts,
Project Coordinator



Seventh graders from Central Middle School to become real life History Detectives


Galesville, Maryland,—

On October 22nd and 23rd, 325 students from Central Middle School will descend upon the quiet village of Galesville. Community groups, the County Public Schools, and Anne Arundel County have joined forces to host students throughout town as they participate in an interactive, immersive history and archaeology experience. This program, developed in coordination with the Galesville Community Center, Anne Arundel County’s Cultural Resources Division, and the Anne Arundel County Public Schools STEM program, includes a day-long field trip, which will turn average 7th graders into real life history detectives.

Incorporating Common Core standards, and STEM principles, the students will work alongside professional historians and archaeologists conducting archaeological investigations at the County’s Hot Sox Field at Wilson Park. Students will participate in scientific excavations at the 1870s house site of a former slave Henry Wilson and will learn about the heritage and importance of the Hot Sox, a 1920s era ‘Negro League” sandlot baseball team. Students will then fan out across the village on a “Historic Scavenger Hunt” to locate, learn about, and visit important historic sites and buildings.

The County has opened this newly acquired historic park for students to learn about the African-American Heritage of Galesville, the Galesville Community Center will support students as they explore the historic town, and the Galesville Heritage Society will open their doors to the student scholars. This program is just the first event in a year-long exploration of Galesville by the Central Middle school students, and they will use Galesville’s heritage as inspiration for History Day and Science Fair projects this coming Spring.

History and environmental stewardship will come together during the event as Central Middle School will donate a rain barrel to the town of Galesville at 11:30 on October 22 and 23 at the Hot Sox Field. This donation will support the Watershed Stewards Academy “Rain Barrels for the River” , a project with the goal of installing 55 rain barrels in Galesville to help prevent stormwater runoff and clean up the West River drainage.

The “Hometown Galesville” project is part of an exciting year-long celebration of Galesville History, which will culminate in the installation of the “Hometown Teams” Exhibit in July of 2015 at the Galesville Community Center. This Smithsonian traveling exhibit (sponsored by the Maryland Humanities Council,) will share the Hot Sox story, consider race relations in 20th century America, and explore the role of sports in building a community- both on and off the fields. Upcoming events can be found on the www.HistoricGalesville.org website, and all events are open to the public. Come join us as we explore Galesville’s Hometown History!

Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Join us for our next evening lecture Tuesday, October 21, and learn what rising temperatures and rising carbon dioxide could mean for life in the Bay.
 "Predicting the Future: How Chesapeake Fishes May Respond to Climate Change"
Speaker: Dr. Seth Miller
Earth's climate is changing. One of the great challenges for scientists is predicting how different species will respond to those changes. By using laboratory experiments that simulate future climate scenarios, we’re starting to understand what this could mean for important organisms such as forage fishes in Chesapeake Bay, and how the Bay as a whole might look in the future.

Time: Lectures begin at 7pm, with light refreshments at 6:30.
Place: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Schmidt Conference Center
647 Contees Wharf Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037   (directions)

Lectures run on the third Tuesday of every month through November. Our lectures are free and open to all with a curiosity about the natural world. Contact Nicole Campbell (443-482-2300) with questions.
Full calendar of events

Don't miss the last lecture of the year!

"Tracking Carbon in Coastal Wetlands: Sources and Sinks from the Muck and the Mire"

Tuesday, November 18
Speaker: Dr. Lisa Schile

Coastal wetlands both store and release significant amounts of carbon. These ecosystems also provide storm surge protection, nurseries for key fisheries and other vital services. But climate change, especially accelerated sea-level rise, threatens their survival. This lecture will explore the global significance of coastal wetlands, and international research to understand carbon dynamics under a changing climate.
Time: Lectures begin at 7pm, with light refreshments at 6:30.
Place: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Schmidt Conference Center
647 Contees Wharf Rd
Edgewater, MD 21037   (directions)

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The West River Improvement Association (WRIA) is sponsoring homework help in the Galesville Hall. We are accepting students on a first come first served basis. The WRIA, a community association located in Galesville, works to support the south county community.

If you are interested in being a tutor for this program please click here for a "Tutor Application".

If you have a student that you wish to enroll in the program please click here for a "Student Application".

Thanks to Laura Emley Dixon for the Galesville Memorial Hall image. See more of her work at the River Gallery.

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